Dairo Vargas is an international contemporary artist painter originally from Colombia. His success is attributed to the passion for the natural world and its relationship to the built environment, very evident in his work. Accepting his first commission at sixteen, gave him the confidence to develop as an artist.

With a professional background in graphic design, Vargas graduated from Kensington and Chelsea college of Art in 2008. He partners with a number of children’s charities in Britain and abroad, mentoring young people to paint and exhibit work of their own. His work is shown regularly in solo and group exhibitions across the UK, Switzerland and Colombia and thanks to a series of international commissions, his paintings can be found as far as the US and Asia.

Private Collections:

Baroness Gloria Hooper
Michael Portillo
Maxi Jazz (faithless)
Chico Slimani ( Finalist 2005 X Factor)
Edward Akrout (Franco-British actor)